Friday, September 23, 2005

Visiting Nanny Mary

Nanny and Silly Millie!!

Mummy and I went and saw Nanny today. I like going to Nanny's as she lets me play out in her garden.

My first task of the day was to rescue the rabbits from that silly Millie. I think they felt a lot safer once I'd got them back in their cage.

I like Driving In Uncle Joe's... My Car

After that it was fun on Uncle Joe's car! Vrroommm beep beep!!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Kinder Egg Surprise

What's that inside there... it's yellow... I must find out...

Quick eat it... must what is contained inside...

Yum Yum Yum, it's the tasty brown stuff...


So this morning Mummy tells me that if I'm a good boy today I get a surprise treat this afternoon. Hmmm sounds interesting, but can I trust Mummy. I mean she keeps mentioning this thing called "good behaviour", blast if I know what she's going on about. Well it gets to this afternoon and I've had plenty of praise and the like from Mummy. So she tells me to go sit down at the table and wait. I wait... and I wait... and I wait... come on Mummy get on with it... and I wait...


What is this...

Oooo it's kind of shiny, Daddy would like this...

Uh-Oh something has happened to my pictures... why are they up the top...

Kinder Egg Surprise the next installment

Hmmmm what is this that I see....

Kinder Egg Surprise it continues

Chocolate = Yum = Mess

Kinder Egg Surprise... still...

What do you mean that someone called Chico that I've never met gets to have this!! Noooooooooooooo it's mine... I don't like to share...Muuuummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Kinder Egg Surprise... will it ever end?

Chocolately goodnes.. Bwwahhhaaaa Mr Chico guy.... I've got the chocolate!!!!!! Bwwwaaahhhhaaaa


Ooooo baby...

What's this?!!! What's inside?

Kinder Egg Surprise The End

Hey there was something here a moment ago!! Where's it gone?

There it is!!!

No there it goes again!

Sorry Chico mate but this car is soooooo cool! I can't possible send it to you but hopefully you can tell by the photos how much I enjoyed the Kinder Egg and the Surprise inside it. Thank you!!