Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No Swimming Here.

Well we didn't go swimming in the end on Sunday. Mummy hurt her leg and didn't feel up to going. But she promises me we will go another day. I'm looking forward to this thing called swimming, it sounds very fun and exciting. Hey water, there's a lot of mischief you can cause in and with it.

I think that Mondays could become my favourite day of the week. It's Mother and Toddler group day. It's great! There are two really pretty little girls that I like to hang around with and try to impress them with my skills of making a cuppa. I think they were mildly impressed this week and they didn't try to snatch the kettle off me to show how I was going wrong. The boys are alright, my cousin Alex comes along and he can be fun... sometimes. He kept letting me take the policeman's hat off him and have it for myself so that's not too bad, although he did spoil my fun of trying to throw toys out the windows by going along and shutting them all before I could get to them! Hmmphh just he wait until I'm bigger and taller than him!! Although if I go on the difference in height between Daddy and Uncle Martyn that might not happen. I'll find some way though!

This morinng I got to see Nanny Mary and Auntie Frankie. That was cool! Nanny likes to make silly faces and boo jump out at me. Auntie Frankie is cool as she likes Teleltubbies... whoops maybe I shouldn't say that maybe it's only cool to admit to a toddler you like teletubbies and not everyone else...

Apparently this afternoon Auntie Eleanor is coming round. I haven't seen her since... well in a very very very long time, she's been away at uni. Mummy and Daddy keep saying she should be doing a degree in partying!! They seem to think that's funny and tell her too. Adults, their humour in hard to understand, it's not like they throw a toy at something funny.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

What a busy last few days I've had!

There's been painting, playing indoor football, seeing Auntie Emma and cousin Alex (cousin Eloise had apparently been naughty and so had to stay at home with Uncle Martyn), trips to space with all my toys in my Rocket Space Tent that for some reason Mummy keeps saying is her rocket ship, throwing toys out onto the fire-escape for Mummy to keep running down to get back. AND today it was the Carnival, there were lots of pretty little majorrette girls and a couple of nice beauty pageants. Also I think I've driven Daddy a bit wild, hehehe, it's good fun to have tantrums!

This morning was really cool, Mummy and I sat down and did lots of painting with her cool paint kit she bought me from the pound shop. I got really messy and was just a little bit too slow in redecorating the front room. Daddy said that my pictures were great and both him and mummy said he have to keep them... shame as I love to rip up paper and paper that's been painted on would have been cool to rip up.

Tomorrow I'm meant to be going swimming. This will be my first time but I'm assuming that it's just like a big huge bath and that I can have fun pulling out the plug! Daddy loves it so much when I do that trick, hopefully there will be some nice young ladies there to impress with this trick.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

All About Cushions

Why cushions should be chucked on the floor by Callum White, aged 1 year 11/12ths.

Some silly grown up people like my Mummy and Daddy think that cushions should go on chairs, I see them all the time putting the cushions on chairs and sofas, plumping them up and then sitting down and squashing them down again! How silly! On the otherhand, I know a secret. Cushions should go on floors! Do you know why? I'll tell you, I'm a good boy like that!

1) If the cushions aren't on the floor, then how will Daddy be able to trip over them?

2) When you throw yourself head first off a sofa, the cushions break your fall! But if you take them away, it would hurt! Even I know that and I'm not even old enough to buy a cushion! Do these people want me to get hurt? It's not like I can just stop throwing myself off the sofa is it!

3) It's much easier to smush food into cushions when they are lying on the floor, chocolate works best!

4) If I didn't keep putting the cushions on the floor, what else would Mummy have to do all day? I think she really likes it when I do it because sometimes she says "What are those cushions doing on the floor? I just picked them up, you little monkey!!" and then she puts them back on the sofa I can have fun throwing them back off again when she turns her back!

But do you know the main reason why cushions should be chucked on the floor? Because it makes me smile.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A visit to Great Nanny

Had so much fun at Great Nannies yesterday! But boy was it a hot day. When we got there Nanny gave us some ice-cream to cool us down but I didn't want that, the garden looked much more fun to be out in! Even though Great Nanny is old she still likes to play and have fun which is really cool. Eventually after eating lunch I was allowed to play in the garden. There were lots of pretty flowers there and big bushes that mummy hid behind and jumped out at me from behind. Unfortunately we had to go home as Mummy said it was getting too hot to be outside and poor old Nanny was looking a bit tired. But before we left nanny made sure to give me money for my piggy bank and a big big big huge bar of chocolate!! Yummy Nanny rules!!

Also yesterday I got to briefly see Favourite Auntie Katie, she popped round with ice-lollies for her and mummy, but I was asleep when they had them. Auntie Katie rocks as she likes to play funny silly games and makes funny faces too!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's Like Drivin Miss Daisy but instead It's called Driving Mummy Mad.

Yesterday I drove mummy mad!

She stopped talking to her internet friends to play some indoor football with me but I didn't want to share the ball! It was much more fun to see mummy trying to coax me into sharing it!! Hehehe! So then she decided that if I didn't want to have fun with her that she'd go and do that boring stuff that her and Daddy call housework. Pah that's no fun! Well I decided to torment her more by throwing all my toys out into the kitchen and seeing if I could further my best throw by getting it out the back door! Didn't manage it but it was great fun to watch her going back and forth collecting everything.

I think Mummy was quite relieved when Daddy got home from work!! As I'd played her up so much during the day I thought I'd be nice to mummy and go to bed early... anyway I was tired myself from all that playing around.

Today apparently we're going to go see Great Nanny. It was her birthday last week so we're taking round her presents today. I love going to Great Nanny's as she always gets me chocolate buttons and spoils me. Also I get to play in her garden which is really tiny but pretty with all the flowers. Last time me and Mummy went round there me and Great Nanny had cushion fights while Mummy was boring and washed up the dishes! Yay for Great Nanny!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

Well yesterday was Fathers Day. I think Daddy liked the presents I got him, which were a Dad Poem mug, Incredible Hulk sticker pads and colouring book and a placque thingy which Mummy and me have still to paint.

We went out to get him the food for Mummy to cook him a roast dinner... his favourite meal, well the roast potatoes part! We were going to go to the pub again but the silly pub we went to this time didn't allow children... grumpy old man!! So instead we went home.

Hehe I managed to sneak in another day nap so that I could stay up late again with Mummy and Daddy. It was way to sticky and hot to sleep so Daddy suggested that we watch the LiveAid dvd that was a christmas present. Lots of cool music for me to run around and dance to! Dancing is so much fun, especially the headbanging part. Eventually though I had to go to sleep but I made sure Mummy read me some more of The Jungle Book. Sometimes I wonder who enjoys the story more?!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Over the Park

Callum over the park on Saturday 18 June 2005 Posted by Hello

Park Time

Well today has been a fun day!! Mummy and Daddy took me over the park with Auntie Emma, Uncle Martyn and cousins Eloise and Alex. We did lots of running around, playing on the slides and kicking the spiderman football about. It was so much fun and so exhausting that on the way to the pub on the way home I fell asleep. I blame it on the the hot sunny weather. Anyway at some point I woke up to find myself in a garden of some form with everyone talking and drinking beer!! See I can say that word! Daddy and Uncle Martyn bought us all drinks and crisps which I thouht were great to throw all over the floor!! Hehehehe!!

Anyway my home has been invaded by those cousins of mine and there's talk of pizza!!! Yay !! that means garlic bread!! Smelly!

Also we all posed for lots of photos so they'll be posted by mummy no dobut as she likes to show me and my cousins off. God everyone must get sick of seeing us!

Friday, June 17, 2005


What a fun day today has been. Mummy let me play in my own room with all my toys which is always so much fun. Mostly because I like to take everything out of it's place and put it somewhere for mummy to trip over! Then I managed to sneak my hands into the wardbrobe draws which have the trap device on the front and pull out a load of clothes which I really think needed to go on the heater. Hehehe lots of fun.

After mummy telling me lots of times to help her tidy up the toys I decided on a better solution, I neatly stacked everything onto one of mummy and daddy's prized sofas. It looked so cool and was great fun to sit on top of! They were still there when Daddy came home a bit earlier than normal, much to his surprise. I love it when Daddy comes home from work, especially tonight as I got to wind him up by hitting him with cushions and poking my finger in his eye. But I think he enjoyed it as he still gave me my bath, maybe I'll have more finger in the eye game tomorrow hehe.

Anyway I'm asleep and asked Mummy to type this up for me. I bet her and Daddy can't believe I'm asleep this early in the evening.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ewww food.

I don't know what that concoction that mummy cooked tonight was but well her and daddy seemed to munch on it! And now they've given me this brown looking stuff!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Up the Wrong Way

Callum climbing the wrong way up the slide! Posted by Hello


WooHooo just noticed that Callum has got two new teeth coming through!! After these he'll only have another two left! No wonder he's been a bit grumpy lately. Poor dear.

Lost for Words

Ooo now I don't know what to write!! LOL!! Errmm lets see what has Callum been up to today...

Well this morning, which was lovely and sunny and has now turned into gloom and rain, all the birds were flying about outside the the budgies (Havoc and Storm) were chirping away. Callum was fascinated by all the commotion and so we were looking out the window and I was saying look at the birds and he said Bird!! Yippeee another word to add to his vocabulary, although he wouldn't repeat it for Daddy when asked. He then turned round to Havoc and Storm and went into one of his telling them off burbles! He's so adorable.

First Post

Callum and Me on the fire-escape. Posted by Hello