Thursday, October 29, 2009

Half Term, Speech Therapy, Little Big Planet and Art Day

Life with a Callum monkey always has you busy in one form or another. This week has been non-stop! Firstly we had daily appointments (well were meant to) for Callum with a speech therapist. Back in July he had been assessed again on his speech and they informed us that he just had a few sounds he had trouble with ("f'" and "v") but as therapists are fully booked that we would just have to wait and see if and when one became available and was sent home with worksheets to get started on with Callum and to help him. Then a few weeks ago we got a letter offering us a daily one hour group session for the half term week. Obviously knowing how hard to get something like this offered to you is we took up the opportunity. Turns out that Callum's speech has come on tremendously since July and that the sounds he had problems with weren't big problems now. He went from having a group session to a one on one session and we are now being sent worksheets to work on different sounds with him. As mentioned we were meant to be going for the whole week but yesterday Callum woke up in the most grumpy un-cooperative mood ever and said that he didn't want to go, he was feeling tired and his teeth hurt (oh yeah this week he has gotten two new wobbly teeth and the sounds he has to practice now ("th" and "f") sounds are sounds you use your top row of teeth to help pronounce the sounds and he was worried it would make his teeth more wobbly), thankfully his speech therapist was superb and totally understood and said that she would forward us the worksheets by post and do a follow up phone call in 2-3 weeks to see how we are getting on but not to hesitate to contact her if we had questions. She did tell us that in all honesty after this week that Callum wouldn't really need any speech therapy which is something Daz and I are so proud of Callum for.

So yesterday we went from having a week of nothing planned because of speech therapy (it had been in the middle of the day for one hour) to the rest of the week with free days. What did we decide to do?

Well yesterday was spent playing Little Big Planet and doing colouring in and watching Top Gear which is a pretty cool way to spend a day with your son. I do have to say I am a little tired of Little Big Planet now though and Daz and I told Callum we would be having a no Little Big Planet day today. It's been heaven. lol.

As for today, we've had Mummy and Callum Art Time and as Callum said earlier "It's been a brilliant day of all arty things Mum, best day this week." I couldn't have said it better. This morning I found a box of modelling clay so we made people and monsters/creatures which we now having drying out and setting before we paint, colour in, decorate them. After that we did some drawing and colouring and gluing and started decorating a make your own rocket kit (hopefully we'll try the rocket out this weekend but first I need to find a bicycle pump!) which I'd found under Daz and mines bed (that's also where I found the modelling clay, I have a couple of wicker baskets under there full of art stuff... that I'd forgotten about. lol). Then we had lunch and then we made a Robot out of old boxes and used toilet rolls. Then... yes there is more... we painted some clay flower pots which I had been given as a birthday present and we hadn't gotten around to painting them yet.

Now we're all cleared up and Callum is watching tv in the front room while I have five minutes to myself. Tomorrow Callum and I are hoping our clay models have dried out and we can decorate them, otherwise I don't know what we'll be doing.

As always there are photos here and below are a few selected ones.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today I saw a little worm.

This week at school Callum's year are learning poetry and how to write a basic poem. Yesterday they were given the first line to start with and had to come up with a short poem from it. Here is Callum's.

Today I saw a little worm
He was sad and he looked sad
Perhaps he would come inside
Come inside and was mad

Simple and cute.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Eye of the Tiger

There is no denying it our son is a complete rock monster. Don't believe me? Well here you go!

Of course it isn't just rock music that he loves in fact he will happily sing along to Bob Marley or a bit of Scouting For Girls or even Take That's Rule the World, but if you put Eye of the Tiger on or his other current favourite song Sex on Fire he just goes mad and does his little rock out moment and his Freddie Mercury dance, not that he has ever seen any Queen videos... boy we have to introduce him to those!

I couldn't love him any more than what I do but when I watch these clips, apart from laughing myself silly my heart bursts with love and pride and joy that this little fella is mine and something I helped to create and those moments when he completely drives me insane and I want to scream I just think of the moments like in this clip and the others and it reminds me of what a fun loving cool dude he is.