Monday, September 17, 2007


We have a new member to the White household, his name as the title says is Spider-Fish. Here's what happened.

On Friday gone (think it was 14th September) Callum and I went to Pets at Home as Toot and Beep our two goldfish needed some oxygen tablets. While there as always we looked at all the other pets there and the fish. Callum then asked if he could have another fish. I said we'd have to check with Daddy, to which he said ok. So yesterday the three of us headed back to Pets At Home. The first thing we decided was that we'd have to think about whether we'd get a new tank for all three fish to go in together, or should we be brave and let Callum have one of those little round ones in his room with the fish? Of course I was silly and asked Callum what he would prefer, yes I know duh dumb question! *laugh* Anyway the next size up tanks were a bit pricey, we would have been looking at around £30 just for the tank and I knew we'd be able to get a little one for under £5 in another shop. After much contemplation we headed of elsewhere to take on the brave option of Callum having a fish in his own room and bought a new tank for £1.99, some pebbles, a little house and all for around £5- £6! By the time we'd done all this though it was too late to head back to the pet shop and so we told Callum and him and I would go this morning.

And that's what we did. Just before lunchtime we took a little stroll over to Pets At Home. While making our way there we talked about what name to give the new fish. Originally Callum suggested Toot two, then it went to Mr Fishy (he's on a bit of a Mr Men thing at the moment) to other names which I can't recall now. By the time we'd reached the pet shop no suitable name had been agreed.

Callum pretty quickly decided which fish he wanted, a pretty yellow/gold fish with white fins and tail and a lively little thing too. Having had the fish caught, bagged and various plants bought we headed back home and had more talk of a name. And that's when Callum decided on Spider-Fish, in his own words, he's just like Spider-man but he's a fish so we'll call him Spider-Fish. Now I'm not sure if Daz and I have the geekiest child ever or the coolest. Maybe I should add that he's also since getting home been going round singing "Spider-Fish, Spider-Fish" to the tune of the Spider-man song. *laugh*

I just hope that Callum shows Daz and I how responsible he can be and that we won't be woken up in the morning to Callum creeping into our bed with instead of Big Brown Bear, Spider-Fish!

Dancing on the Tables

Last night Daz, Callum and I were watching Lord of the Rings Return of the King. It was at the beginning. One scene is Pippin and Merry dancing on a table in a pub with tankards of, well whatever they drink. Callum turned round to Daz and goes:

"Daddy when you and Uncle Martyn go down the pub do you dance on tables?"

Daz laughed and said that they didn't to which Callum replied in a disappointing voice:

"Oh." after a few seconds silence he then asked when he could go down the pub with Daz and Uncle Martyn. He's so desperate to go down the pub with them both.

Monday, September 03, 2007

What Day Is It?

The funny and great things about children is the little games they come up with, or little sayings. The newest one with Callum started last week although I'm sure he's done this before.

It's called "Today is "so and so" day. Last week it was Lets do lots of wees day, which involved Callum having lots to drink and then going to the toilet lots. He found this highly amusing and kept sneeking into the fridge for a drink or helping himself to a cup of water from the kitchen sink. Thankfully it didn't continue through the night. We've had other "days" too. Today though is the best I think... it's Let's Give Lots of Kisses to Mummy day which has involved Callum chasing me round the flat to give me lots of kisses, apparently this too is part of the day.

I wonder what day it will be tomorrow?

Doctor Callum

One game that Callum loves playing is Doctor Mummy/Daddy, Patient Callum although sometimes it's the other way round. Most of the time Callum likes to play this game when (1) He's feeling a bit poorly or he has hurt himself or (2) He's trying to get out of going to sleep.

If he's the patient he'll start off by going "Doctor Mummy I need to talk to you." and then he'll either lie on his bed or one of the sofas. Next he'll tell you what the matter is and you have to listen to his heart, check his knees and look down his throat for all those germs. It's very sweet. You then have to prescribe him his treatment which is usually a plaster on a cut and plenty of keeping still and sleep.

Yesterday morning it was Callum's turn to be Doctor. While I was pottering about in the kitchen I could hear Daz and Callum chatting and laughing in the bedroom. Then Callum came rushing up to me "Mummy Mummy, Daddy isn't well." so I went and saw what the matter was.

Apparently he had diagnosed Daz with... wait for it... Big Belly! Poor Daz! Callum found it highly amusing. The treatment? Daz had to stay in bed all day. He did try to point out to Callum that this wouldn't help the "big belly" but Callum was adamant that was what Daz had to do.