Thursday, August 02, 2007

Teddy Bear's Picnic

If you go out in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

It's amazing how a bed sheet, a blanket, some cushions and dining chairs can spark a few hours of fun but that's what happened today, not that we don't normally have fun in our home.

Now firstly they are some very important items needed. Here's the list that Callum told me and how they were important.

1. Two chairs (or if you have the room four chairs). These need to be placed a certain distance from each other so that there is enough room for at least one child and if that child is feeling generous one Mummy to fit through. Also you have to have them so that the backs are facing awasy from each other, very important! Another important thing to do if you don't use four chairs is make sure you have the chairs placed near some other piece of furniture so that can also be used in the tent making. Oh and another alternative to the chair tent is using your dining table. Move all the chairs out and drape sheets/blankets etc over the top of it and hanging down the sides, we usually call this the tentcave as it's move like that.

2. A large bed sheet. This needs to be drapped over the backs of the above mentioned chairs and if you are only using two dining chairs drap the sheet over the other piece of furniture used, so that you have enough room that when you are sitting inside the tent you are covered overhead.

3. A comfy blanket. This is to put on the ground in the tent so you have something cosy to snuggle up to.

4. Plenty of cushions. These are placed on top of the the blanket on the ground so it's even more comfortable to sit on. It's up to you how many cushions you use, sometimes it's one for each person/teddy bear.

5. Teddy Bears! Now the tent is built you need the next important thing, I mean you can't have a teddy bears picnic without the Teddy Bears can you?!? Depending on the size of the Teddy Bears, the size of the tent and anyone else coming on the picnic depends on how many Teddy Bears.

6. Books. Everyone knows that Teddy Bears like a good story read to them, so make sure you have a good selection of fun stories close by. Warning: No books and the Teddy Bears will eat all the cake!

7. Football. Sport is good for you.

8. Food and Drink. Anything that is easy to eat, transport and not messy is good. Today we had cucumber slices, carrot sticks, cocktail sausages, crisps, various fruits (apples, grapes and raisins are popular). Cartons of drinks are useful or a large bottle of water with long straws.

9. Bag for Rubbish. Everytime we have a picnic be it indoors or outside Callum always makes sure we have a little carrier bag to put all the rubbish in. You can not litter the countryside, it doesn't look nice but it's also dangerous to wild animals.

10. Fun! Enough said.

I'm sure I'm missing stuff out and I'm bound to be reprimanded in years to come by Callum when he reads this of things I missed off.

Something I do want to do when I get time is to get some trees made. I've got a roll of lining wallpaper which I'm thinking I'll cut out tree shapes from, paint and hang on string or something from the ceiling or stick to the wall (not quite sure yet) so it does look like we're having a picnic in the woods.

So there's our lunchtime fun.


the4thpip said...

That kid clearly has a knack for interior architecture and event planning!

littlemonstercallum said...

Yes! He also knows that it's best to get someone else to tidy it up after him!