Monday, August 06, 2007

Busy like a Buzzing Bee.

What a busy last few days we've had. In short here is how they have been.

Friday - Callum and I went over Hainault Forest, we were over there for a good few hours and attempted to feed the crazy geese, walked round the lake, looked for the Teddy Bear's Picnic in the woods (but I think we were too noisy and scared them off), looked at and stroked the animals in the little farm section, had ice-cream and ran down hills. Very exhausting but wonderful.

Saturday - Daz, Callum and I met up with my sister Emma, Bro-in-law Martyn and Eloise and Alex. We went over to Harold Wood Park which then leads on to Pages Wood. It was a gloriously hot sunny day. We had fun in the playground, sat and had a picnic in which we're not sure may have been a golf practice area, went for a walk around Pages Wood, played Pooh Sticks, found a nice little area that was alongside the river where nobody else was where we played football and Frisbee and chilled out. It was a lovely afternoon although Daz and I are feeling a bit sore from our sunburn, we didn't realise just how hot it was.

Sunday - As my parents are away for my Dad's, Eleanor's and mines birthdays we had a little family thing yesterday for us to swap presents. It was a fantastic day full of sunshine, wine, food (and BBQ food at that!), presents, water fights, cake, and lots of laughter. It made me remember what a fabulous family I have.

So today I've been busy going through all the photos from these last few days. It seems I may have been a bit too click happy as there around 300 photos. Yes you did read that right, it averages out about 100 per day! Jeez maybe I need therapy.

When I've sorted through for some of my favourite photos I'll update here with them.

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the4thpip said...

I wonder if they named a park after Harold Wood's sister Holly, too.