Friday, September 18, 2009

Superheroes eaten by giant sweet dog

I do wonder what goes on in that head of that little monkey monster of mine. Last night he started back at Beavers and one of the things they did was to create a piece of artwork using sweets. Here is what Callum created:

Now I could tell that basically it was an animal and that animal being a dog but well the rest...

The small round marshmellows on the left hand side are apparently Batman and Robin.
The dog only has eyes and a nose as there wasn't enough room to fit a mouth on.
BUT the dog has got a mouth because... well it's eating Batman and Robin up.
And please don't ask me why the lollipop is sticking out of the dogs bum, the lollipop is the dogs tail but it got shooved in there. As for the three M&M's by the tail... well they are certainly something our dog Dash doesn't have any longer and I have no idea what Callum thinks they are.

Still it's Callum's creation and it sums him up pretty well, he loves our dog Dash and he is a total geek.