Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos

Well I've finally reached the grand old age of two! Apparently it's referred to as the terrible twos but Mummy and Daddy keep saying that that's a myth and doesn't exist. Hmmm me thinks they might be fibbing on this. I've heard all the rumours about it at Mother and Toddlers and from those cousins of mine. The story goes that once you reach the age of two years you are given free reign to terrorise your parents, family and friends. This is done by throwing what is called temper tantrums, but in truth is just a fun way to see how far you can push Mummy and Daddy into giving you whatever you heart desires. Also you get to refuse your food and milk and demand you have a diet of just chocolate, crisps, lilt and those ever so nice little dinky things called sausages. Run amok in the middle of the night... Mummy looks so funny with her hair all sticking up. There's lots of mischief you can cause. I think this next year is going to be lots of fun, much better than all the trouble and torment I've caused this past year. Wow I wonder what it must be like to be 18 and the myths about the mayhem you can cause at that age.

Well I suppose I better say a little bit about my birthday. The day itself was fabulous. I woke up and went in to see Mummy and Daddy and saw this big huge mountain of Postman Pats and Winnie the Pooh stuck on paper of odd shapes and sizes. I didn't know what to do, it was huge and so intriguing looking. I got told that they were all for me and that I could open them. The first few were some groovy clothes but then after that it was a magical toy shop! There was a hoover which actually makes noises and picks things up, I can soon put Mummy in a retirement home as she'll no longer be needed around the house. Then there was a Tractor Tom Farm set which is really cool, it's got animals and haystacks and a barn and Cars!! Yipppeeeee my favourite toys to play with. What else was there? Ermmm... oh yes a Fire-Engine that flashs and makes noises and moves along, my very own c.d. player and c.d.'s which is good, I can now listen to some decent music Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a great favourite of mine. There were some jigsaw puzzles and some building blocks. Lots and lots of fun things to play with. After we'd spent the morning playing with everything Mummy and Daddy got me dressed in one of the groovy t-shirts and we went out for lunch. We were going to go to Harry Ramsdens they do scrummy fish and chips but is was too busy in there so they had to give in to my pleas of wanting to go to McDonalds. Mmm I like McDonalds. After that I was meant to go to Play Town but for some reason we didn't go, something about it being closed down, pah didn't they know it was my birthday and I wanted to go there. So instead we went to the big toy shop and I got to pick out three toys for myself, I chose a Tinkie Winkie, a train called Percy and this cool looking car that you can take apart and build again! I'm so lucky to have such a great Mummy and Daddy.

Anyway this birthday thing is tiring. Not only did I get to have a whole day with just Mummy and Daddy and have lots of fun playing with new toys I also got to have home made birthday cake. It was yummy and had a chocolate middle... mmmm chocolate my favourite. The next day we were up early and Mummy spent many hours in the kitchen while Daddy and I played in the front room. I wish that Mummy could have joined us but she kept muttering things about people coming round and having food ready for them and making another cake and why was the silly thing sticking to the bottom of the tin... she would have been better off playing with Daddy and I. Sometime later Auntie Emma, Uncle Martyn and those cousins of mine turned up and we had great fun playing with the new toys and making a mess. Cousins Eloise and Alex though kept trying to take all the toys I wanted to play with off of me. Ha I'll show them the error of their ways when I'm older and Ruler of the Universe! After hours of playing, both Nannies and Grandad's turned up with all my other aunts, and uncles and Mummy's friend and her family turned up and I had more of that opening presents stuff. Boy is that hard work, all this paper to rip off then waiting for it to be taken out the box and then all the playing with it. Very hard work.

All in all though it was a great two days, I'm hoping that it happens more than once a year this birthday thing, presents are cool!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Birthday Presents Galore

Birthday Presents Received.

Tractor Tom Farm
Bag of Fisher Price Pop-onz
A toy c.d. player with c.d.'s
A shake, sound and move fire engine
A toy hoover
various jigsaw puzzles
Mega Block safari
an aeroplane
a road lay out mat
lots of mini toy cars
A flashing firemans helmet
a mini fire-engine
A huge Mega Block Fire engine that I can ride
Oh and money!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Things I can say

Words I can say!

Bye Bye
Night Night
Oh Dear

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


CAR! By Callum White

Hi, how ya doin'? Y'know, I'm way too smart for parents! I decided to start humouring them by saying stuff and man, how easilly fooled are they! Nearly everything can be qualified with just one single word: "Car!" coz adults are so silly! They totally underestimate me! Check this out, hey maybe even try it yourself at home if you have any suckers around!

See, I was waving around one of my favourite toys a while back and I just decided to say "Car!"

Well, you should have heard Mummy & Daddy, they were all happy and praising me and I got choccy buttons! So, I figured it out, I mean dudes, like I can totally talk and stuff, who can't? What do they think I am, 2 months old or something? But if I just gradually say words, a little bit at a time, man, how many choccy treats am I gonna get? It's brilliant and they fall for it EVERYTIME! I said "Bus" this week to keep them sweet and more importantly, keep the goodies flowing!

I'm going to build up now and really work them to the maximum!

All thanks to the word "Car!", No wonder I like to say it all the time, it's a wonderful thing!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Short But Sweet

What a fun last few days I've had.