Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Earlier today while tidying up Callum's bedroom.

Callum: I really love you Mummy.

Me: Aww thanks, I love you too.

Callum: I know, you always tell me. Will you marry me Mummy?

Me: Oh I'm too old to marry you.

Callum: But I love you lots and you always say that's important when you marry someone. I'm going to attempt to marry you.

Me: You know how you're not meant to marry certain people? Well Mummy's kinda count too.

Callum: Oh. OK... I still love you lots though.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Callum White - Tomb Raider Extraodinaire

So it's a brand New Year. Happy New Year everyone! I am in the middle (well I have been composing the post since last week) of doing a Looking Back at 2008 post but I need to transfer some photos over from the laptop to the computer. In the meantime I had to mention this. For Christmas Darren and Callum bought me (that's Sarah, Callum's Mummy) the new Tomb Raider game. Now Callum has never really seen the awesomeness of these games before so it was like seeing it through a newcomer's eyes. So what have Darren (Daz) and I been subjected to?

Well firstly there was Callum pretending to be like Lara Croft earlier today. I was in the kitchen fixing him his dinner while Daz was sorting out something for us to watch on dvd that evening. We both walked into the hallway at pretty much the same time to find Callum bouncing back and forth between the hallway wall, the radiator and the outside of the staircase a la Lara Croft. See... PHOTOS!!!

Not content with the climbing he then embarks upon making a map to which only Daz is lucky enough to view and join in on the adventure. After a while we are allowed to persuade our intrepid Tomb Raider, Questor of fine Arts, Explorer to rest while we watch a film (Transformers). But alas half way through the film he decides he needs to pack his trusty back-pack. What does the modern day (boy) Tomb Raider need? Well now that he is asleep I can tell you, having rumaged through the back-pack.

OK in order from back to front:

The Big Book of Top Gear
Corgi Toys
Transformers Spotlight Revelation Part Two Cover A
JETIX magazine talking about Batman Lego
The Official Highway Code (which is his own book that he has had for about a year and knows most of the signs to)
Transformers Beast Wars #1
A clear pocket packet containing Transformers Spotlight:Blaster, Tiny Titans #7 and Transformers Best of UK)
World War Hulk After Smash
The New Avengers Transformers tpb
Mr Snow (Mr Men book)
Top Gear The Challenges Best Bits
A wind-up watch
Pair of grey school socks
A clean doggy poop bag containing pencils and a paint brush

Not that I ever need reminding why I love that little monkey monster but this is one of those moments that make me realise just how much and why.