Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Faster Than A Speeding Train

Cuddles and Sleep

That's how quick this year is going. It seemed like only yesterday that it was the beginning of the school summer holidays and I had high hopes of doing a weekly post update of what we were doing. Yeah that kind of didn't work did it? Next it'll be Christmas and New Year and we'll all be wondering where the year went.

So what has been happening lately in the White House? Well...

We had a pretty good six weeks summer holiday, sure the weather wasn't brilliant but we got time out in the garden, managed to have a few BBQ's and some visits out.

We also got a puppy! Yes you read that right. My parents bought me back a cross springer spaniel/border collie puppy from Ireland as a birthday present for me and a play friend for Callum. He's a complete monster but so adorably cute you can't stay angry with him for long. We've called him Dash which seems very suitable as him and Callum do dash all over the place. We've had a few jealously problems with Callum but they mostly seem smoothed over now I no longer have Callum telling me I don't love him as much as the dog. Hello buddy the dog comes lower down the pecking list than the fish, bottom of the pile he is! It's cute to watch the two of them out in the garden playing, Dash loves Callum to go down the slide and then he can jump on Callum. I don't know if my flowers are enjoying Dash though a few of those have been dug up and flung around in a mad frenzy. I think over the years Callum and Dash will become the best of friends, they are already teaming up on me when it's time to come in from the garden the little so and so's.

What else has been happening then? Well Callum went back to school the beginning of September (actually it was on Daz and mines 9th Wedding anniversary). The new school building had been finished so they were all set up for starting them in there. Of course there were a few hiccups, actually quite a few but over the weeks it seems to be settling down. All the kids seem to love the new building and they have a much bigger and better playground now so I no longer have Callum coming home with wripped knees in his trousers every day, heck I even managed to have him last a whole week in the same pair of trousers as he kept them immaculately clean. To go with the new school building Callum also has a new teacher, he name is Alexandra (Alex for short) and seems very nice. He has gone up to Year 1 now so they are more about learning their numbers and to read and write than playing but it still seems like they get plenty of playtime in. Also the added bonus is that this year he is in the same class as his best friends Aman and Laila which they all seem to like.

But alas this brand new school is all going to change on Monday. Why? Well last week we got a letter offering Callum a place at a school that is just round the corner from us which means just a five mintue walk to school rather than the 2 bus journey route we currently have to do. Daz and I looked at the school on Monday and are really happy with it so we've accepted the place and they want to start Callum on Monday, it's all a huge rush and yet another new uniform to buy Callum (not cheap either!) but we feel that in the long run this is the best option. We love our house we live in now and want to stay here for as long as we can so a school within walking distance will be ideal it'll fit in with the future plans we have involving our life. Callum seemed more than happy to change schools and we've promised him that we are going to make this his last change of school until he goes to secondary school. He's a child that easily makes friends and seems most of the time to take well to change so we're hoping he'll take those traits along with him to his next school. It's all very nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Anyway I should go and check on the new family member Dash and see if he has dried off from his play in the garden and that he isn't muddy from any digging. But first I'll post some photos.

Vet Callum checking patient Dash for any paw injuries.

The Terrible Two Playing Cars.