Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good Morning

Good Morning Mummy!

That son of mine makes me laugh and he is so adorable. After having woken up, had his juice milk and a little cuddle in bed with Mummy and Daddy he turns round to me and says:

"Mummy time to get up, it's sunny. Daddy can stay in bed though and sleep, he needs it."

He gets off the bed and goes to walk off and then says:

"Oh and here's a big cuddle for you Mummy to get you up."

And Callum gives some of the best cuddles there are, throw his arms around your neck and big squeezy hug cuddles.

What Mummy couldn't get out of bed after that?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Photograph Update

Photos from April onwards

Should I sack Mummy?

It's been a while since I let everyone know what has been happening in the world of me, blame my Mummy as she forgot the password and the email address she set up for emails to be sent to. I have one word, useless, but I still love her.

So what has been happening lately in my life? I'm now at playschool full time, five wonderful mornings a week. Playschool is cool and I get to play with lots of toys and other little boys and girls, although girls can be silly at times. They also have a fab pink bike, I've asked for a pink bike for christmas but I keep getting told that pink bikes are for girls I find it all a bit confusing as to why but I suppose I'll now ask for a new garage and some new cars.

Last month we had this thing called Halloween, my cousins Eloise and Alex came round to our home and we went and knocked on our neighbours doors for sweeties. Everyone looked very funny and those sweeties were very yummy although Daddy and Mummy wouldn't let me eat the whole bag full in one go. Parents! Lucky for me I managed to hide some under my bed that they didn't know about. Hehehe they were very nice indeed.

A few days after Halloween was Fireworks night. Daddy and Mummy took me out and up on the fire-escape to look at all the pretty fireworks going bang and the bright glittery colours. I've been promised that next year we'll have our own fireworks, I can't wait.

Anyway Mummy is allowing me to watch my tv shows so I'm going to sit down and see what I can learn today, tv isn't as uneducational (see I know big words!) as people think, it has taught me lots of things.

Oh I'll post some photos of what I've been up to lately. Bye.