Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sing Me A Lullaby Please Mummy

From day one, as it is with most parents, I've always sang to Callum. When it was those early days and he had terribly awful colic it was soothing to him. Different songs would suit him at different times of the day. If it was mid morning something a bit more rocky would be his taste, actually can you call Busted rocky? Oh well that sort of stuff. But in the evenings it was always lullaby's he liked, most noticeably were Twinkle Twinkle, Rock A Bye Baby and the Mockingbird Song. Also one tune Callum always loved was the little tune played by Baby. Baby is this cute little blue teddy that has a wind up lever on the side and then plays this tune (well it did until Callum broke him). He was bought for Callum by my parents the day he was born and was always being played and I inadvertently would hum along.

Through the years Callum has always looked upon me singing with loving adoring eyes and it warms my heart to see how much he loves me singing, even though I have the worst voice in the whole galaxy, or further! Sometimes he'll join in but at bedtime he'll by lying there and call out to me "Mummy please sing me a song." so I do. How can I resist seeing that look on his face and the little smile of happiness.

I love that little boy of mine so very much.