Monday, March 31, 2008

Walking on Sunshine

Yesterday marked the beginning of Spring in the UK with the clocks going forward and with it came sunshine which was so beautiful after all the wind and rain we have had. A lovely day was had with Daz' family celebrating Daz' Dad's Birthday with a little party we held for him. The sun was shining, there was plenty of food, the windows were even opened to let in the spring air. Oh and the Wii was on and the whole family having fun playing Wii Sports on it and some of the Truck games. A wonderful day and Callum even handled going to bed late well.

Daz and I were granted a nice lie in this morning with Callum not waking up until gone 8am which definitely beats the 6am wake up call we usually get. What with it being the first day of the Easter School Holidays (yes I know Easter was the other week but the schools are confused it seems) there was no need to rush around, Daz got ready for work and Callum and I had a leisurely breakfast and a play at Excite Trucks on the Wii and then a quick tidy up in time for an old playschool friend of Callum's to pay us a visit with his Mum and sister, it was lovely to see Dawn, Fred and Abbie. Surprisingly the sunshine decided to stay with us so the kids all got to go out in the garden and have fun with water and mud. What more do young kids need? Well apart from a bath! Callum had to be dragged in eventually for lunch but afterwards (and after Dawn and Co had gone home) we were back out in the garden. There was more water, more digging and I even got some gardening done. Sure we had a disaster with the cat we are currently cat sitting (Shandy) escaped and it took us until just before 8pm to get her back but it was lovely to spend the day just Callum and I in the garden having fun and enjoying the sunshine. Fingers crossed it's still sunny and warm tomorrow so we can have all that fun again plus lots more.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Litterbug Into My Life


This week at Callum's school is science week. All week they've had various people come in and talk to them about stuff, today it was about recycling (yeah not too sure on the whole science thing). Anyway Callum and I are today waiting at the bus stop and there are all the usual mob of school kids. In front of us are two boys and a girl. One of the boys has a carton type drink and when he finishes it just throws it on the floor. Callum then pipes up and says "That boy is naughty he's a litterbug he threw that on the floor." the girl hears him and laughs and tell the litterbugboy that Callum is telling him off. Thankfully the boy took it all good heartedly and asked Callum if it was litter and then said he should set the younger generation a good example and proceeded to pick it up and put it in the bin. Callum then told him he was a good boy. :laugh:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's The Thought That Counts

While on the doorstep last night unlocking it to come in Callum turned round and said to me:

"Mummy I forgot, I picked you some flowers at school, they were near the bush. I picked lots for you."

Upon getting inside the house he emptied his pocket out and put in my hand about 20 little flower heads... all dead. The sad look on his face when he saw them was heartbreaking. I told him never to mind about them being dead it was the thought that counted and maybe next time he wanted to get me flowers he could tell Daddy and they could buy some from the shop that won't die so quickly. It was such a sweet tender moment. Bless him.