Thursday, August 23, 2007

Germs = Germany

That's what Callum thinks.

Last night England played Germany in a friendly football game. Callum asked if he could stay up and watch the game and after (1) telling him there was no blue team (2) telling him which countries were playing and (3) Daz and I being assigned a sofa each for each country (I was England, Daz was Germany) we all sat down to watch the game. It hadn't long been started when Callum turned round to Daz and asked him "Daddy, does Germany have Germs?" *laugh*. He seemed to be under the impression that because Germany contained the word Germs that is why it was called that name. Out of the mouth of babes as they say. Of course (after we stopped laughing) we told him no.

He didn't quite make it to half time before falling asleep all cuddled up with me but he did see the England goal and shout "Yeahhhhhhh!!". And this morning... I had to tell him England lost, which he didn't believe. I think he has a long way to go with being an English Football Fan but he's getting there, just needs to learn that yes England do loose... and a lot.

Oh also the rules for Callum cheering and scoring:

England - Yeaaahhh!!! Goooaaaaalll!!!

Germany - Boooo, but we still love you Uncle Pip.


the4thpip said...

Heh heh. You should have explained that the word Germany comes from the word "many" for the many times we beat England in football!

Anonymous said...

Curse you Pip!

Why I had to be the Germany sofa I don't know but hey, at least I won!

littlemonstercallum said...

LOL Pip! Hey we have that 5-1 and the World Cup win. :P