Friday, April 27, 2007

Fingers Fish

This weekend gone Callum asked us if he we could take him to the pet shop as he needed a pet and he wanted a fish. We were heading over that way so didn't see the harm in looking. The thing about "just looking" is that it eventually turns into more than "just looking" and usually (well nearly always in our case) ends up with "definately getting."

So far we are still fishless but Callum had he heart set on a pet so we've told him that he has to proove to Mummy and Daddy that he is responsible enough to own a pet. In order to do this we have set Callum certain tasks he has to do, only simple things I mean he isn't yet four years old. These tasks mostly are tidying up his toys when asked rather than the thirty minute debate we have with him as to why or in his case why not the toys should be put away, eating his dinner up, no messing around at bedtime, sleeping all night through in his own bed and no sneaking into our bed and the most important one was no answering us back and being rude to us (the other week he told me to leave home all because I'd "killed" his courgette... I'd cut it up and cooked it as we had discussed is all! LOL). Each time he is good he gets a tick on his Fish Chart and if after a warning he is still naughty he gets a cross. If by this Saturday he has more ticks than crosses he gets his pet fish.

Please tell me this is going to all go well and not go down the plug hole quicker than the bath water. It seems to be working well, there are five ticks and no crosses but it seems someone is being cheeky with the chart and ticks and crosses. Just now I'm listening to Callum telling Daddy that he is going to get a cross for being naughty for not eating his dinner... that's Daz not Callum that is being naughty by the way. LOL. They learn so quickly how to turn things around don't they kids?!?

So now you may be wondering why the title of this entry is Fingers Fish... well this is the name that Callum wants to give his fish. We were sitting outside the other day talking about the whole business of the fish and I told him that if he was going to earn his fish by Saturday he would have to put some thought into names that he liked. Looking at me all serious he goes "Fingers Fish, Mummy. It's like fish fingers but different. I like fish fingers to eat." This poor fish, what is it going to end up like.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm Superman!

Yesterday was the first day of the Easter Holidays. I was a bit sad as I couldn't go to playschool but Mummy explained that my teachers need holidays to rest after having had to look after all us children, I suppose I can understand that as they aren't young like me and one nights sleep won't give them all their energy back.

Mummy had arranged for us to go out to a new park with Auntie Emma and cousins Eloise and Alex after lunch but Auntie Emma phoned up ill and so I didn't get to see them, that made me sad. Mummy said we could still go to the park though which was cool by me.

It was a really long walk to the new park and Mummy and I played games on the way. We got to the park and it was super duper fun. Lots of children for me to play and run around with. There were lots of little children and pretty girls so I put on my Superhero Superman face and went zooming around looking for anyone in trouble for me to help save. Luckily there wasn't any but I still kept a good eye out.

It was thirsty and hungry work all this fun so we went and sat down on a bench for a break but firstly I had to straighten something out:

It was a tough job and I think my super strength was being unsuperstrengthed by some bad guy I couldn't see as no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't straighten up the tree.

I've asked Mummy if we can go back again today for me to have another try at the tree, hopefully the bad strength zapping baddy won't be there.