Monday, September 03, 2007

What Day Is It?

The funny and great things about children is the little games they come up with, or little sayings. The newest one with Callum started last week although I'm sure he's done this before.

It's called "Today is "so and so" day. Last week it was Lets do lots of wees day, which involved Callum having lots to drink and then going to the toilet lots. He found this highly amusing and kept sneeking into the fridge for a drink or helping himself to a cup of water from the kitchen sink. Thankfully it didn't continue through the night. We've had other "days" too. Today though is the best I think... it's Let's Give Lots of Kisses to Mummy day which has involved Callum chasing me round the flat to give me lots of kisses, apparently this too is part of the day.

I wonder what day it will be tomorrow?


the4thpip said...

Today is "Pip is trying to do as little work as possibly" day!

Sarah said...


When I asked Callum if he approved of this day he did say no! Then I explained that Uncle Pip works very very hard and needs days like this... he said ok then.