Monday, September 03, 2007

Doctor Callum

One game that Callum loves playing is Doctor Mummy/Daddy, Patient Callum although sometimes it's the other way round. Most of the time Callum likes to play this game when (1) He's feeling a bit poorly or he has hurt himself or (2) He's trying to get out of going to sleep.

If he's the patient he'll start off by going "Doctor Mummy I need to talk to you." and then he'll either lie on his bed or one of the sofas. Next he'll tell you what the matter is and you have to listen to his heart, check his knees and look down his throat for all those germs. It's very sweet. You then have to prescribe him his treatment which is usually a plaster on a cut and plenty of keeping still and sleep.

Yesterday morning it was Callum's turn to be Doctor. While I was pottering about in the kitchen I could hear Daz and Callum chatting and laughing in the bedroom. Then Callum came rushing up to me "Mummy Mummy, Daddy isn't well." so I went and saw what the matter was.

Apparently he had diagnosed Daz with... wait for it... Big Belly! Poor Daz! Callum found it highly amusing. The treatment? Daz had to stay in bed all day. He did try to point out to Callum that this wouldn't help the "big belly" but Callum was adamant that was what Daz had to do.

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