Monday, April 17, 2006

Off to the Zoo

I'm going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo.
How about You You You.
You Can Come Too Too Too.
We're going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo.

If you haven't guessed... yes I went to the zoo yesterday. It was my first time to a zoo and wow was there lots to do. That's why I kept dragging Mummy and Daddy round so quickly so we could see everything, I knew Grandad would catch everything on camcorder so they could see it all later at home.

I'm not quite sure of all the names of all the animals we saw but here are some pictures of the ones I know and there are also some photos of me too.

Me and Mummy just as we get into the zoo, I wanted to go on the Noah's Ark Explorer thing.

A Monkey Eating.

I know what this is, it's a MONKEY!! I don't know why I always get called a Monkey I don't think I look like these, they have a long thing on their bum they can hang upside down with, that looks cool wish I did have one.

This is a cat, a sand cat.

A Big Bird.

Apparently these are called Iguanas, they look very funny and don't really do much.

A fish that has whiskers like a cat. It was very big.

PENGUINS! I think Mummy really likes penguins and she told me about the time she got to stroke and feed one.

And this is how I measure up to a Penguin.


Some type of Bird, Wolf and TIGERS RRRRGGGGHHH!!!!

Time for ice-cream and a rest from all that walking.

Africa Land where there were Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Osteriches, Turtles and lots lots more. See lots of photos.

I think the thing I liked the most was getting to ride on the elephants, not real ones though.