Tuesday, July 12, 2005


CAR! By Callum White

Hi, how ya doin'? Y'know, I'm way too smart for parents! I decided to start humouring them by saying stuff and man, how easilly fooled are they! Nearly everything can be qualified with just one single word: "Car!" coz adults are so silly! They totally underestimate me! Check this out, hey maybe even try it yourself at home if you have any suckers around!

See, I was waving around one of my favourite toys a while back and I just decided to say "Car!"

Well, you should have heard Mummy & Daddy, they were all happy and praising me and I got choccy buttons! So, I figured it out, I mean dudes, like I can totally talk and stuff, who can't? What do they think I am, 2 months old or something? But if I just gradually say words, a little bit at a time, man, how many choccy treats am I gonna get? It's brilliant and they fall for it EVERYTIME! I said "Bus" this week to keep them sweet and more importantly, keep the goodies flowing!

I'm going to build up now and really work them to the maximum!

All thanks to the word "Car!", No wonder I like to say it all the time, it's a wonderful thing!

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