Friday, June 17, 2005


What a fun day today has been. Mummy let me play in my own room with all my toys which is always so much fun. Mostly because I like to take everything out of it's place and put it somewhere for mummy to trip over! Then I managed to sneak my hands into the wardbrobe draws which have the trap device on the front and pull out a load of clothes which I really think needed to go on the heater. Hehehe lots of fun.

After mummy telling me lots of times to help her tidy up the toys I decided on a better solution, I neatly stacked everything onto one of mummy and daddy's prized sofas. It looked so cool and was great fun to sit on top of! They were still there when Daddy came home a bit earlier than normal, much to his surprise. I love it when Daddy comes home from work, especially tonight as I got to wind him up by hitting him with cushions and poking my finger in his eye. But I think he enjoyed it as he still gave me my bath, maybe I'll have more finger in the eye game tomorrow hehe.

Anyway I'm asleep and asked Mummy to type this up for me. I bet her and Daddy can't believe I'm asleep this early in the evening.

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