Saturday, June 18, 2005

Park Time

Well today has been a fun day!! Mummy and Daddy took me over the park with Auntie Emma, Uncle Martyn and cousins Eloise and Alex. We did lots of running around, playing on the slides and kicking the spiderman football about. It was so much fun and so exhausting that on the way to the pub on the way home I fell asleep. I blame it on the the hot sunny weather. Anyway at some point I woke up to find myself in a garden of some form with everyone talking and drinking beer!! See I can say that word! Daddy and Uncle Martyn bought us all drinks and crisps which I thouht were great to throw all over the floor!! Hehehehe!!

Anyway my home has been invaded by those cousins of mine and there's talk of pizza!!! Yay !! that means garlic bread!! Smelly!

Also we all posed for lots of photos so they'll be posted by mummy no dobut as she likes to show me and my cousins off. God everyone must get sick of seeing us!

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reno said...

This is awesome. Made me smile in the middle of the night. And pictures of Callum are always cool.