Sunday, June 26, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

What a busy last few days I've had!

There's been painting, playing indoor football, seeing Auntie Emma and cousin Alex (cousin Eloise had apparently been naughty and so had to stay at home with Uncle Martyn), trips to space with all my toys in my Rocket Space Tent that for some reason Mummy keeps saying is her rocket ship, throwing toys out onto the fire-escape for Mummy to keep running down to get back. AND today it was the Carnival, there were lots of pretty little majorrette girls and a couple of nice beauty pageants. Also I think I've driven Daddy a bit wild, hehehe, it's good fun to have tantrums!

This morning was really cool, Mummy and I sat down and did lots of painting with her cool paint kit she bought me from the pound shop. I got really messy and was just a little bit too slow in redecorating the front room. Daddy said that my pictures were great and both him and mummy said he have to keep them... shame as I love to rip up paper and paper that's been painted on would have been cool to rip up.

Tomorrow I'm meant to be going swimming. This will be my first time but I'm assuming that it's just like a big huge bath and that I can have fun pulling out the plug! Daddy loves it so much when I do that trick, hopefully there will be some nice young ladies there to impress with this trick.

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