Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No Swimming Here.

Well we didn't go swimming in the end on Sunday. Mummy hurt her leg and didn't feel up to going. But she promises me we will go another day. I'm looking forward to this thing called swimming, it sounds very fun and exciting. Hey water, there's a lot of mischief you can cause in and with it.

I think that Mondays could become my favourite day of the week. It's Mother and Toddler group day. It's great! There are two really pretty little girls that I like to hang around with and try to impress them with my skills of making a cuppa. I think they were mildly impressed this week and they didn't try to snatch the kettle off me to show how I was going wrong. The boys are alright, my cousin Alex comes along and he can be fun... sometimes. He kept letting me take the policeman's hat off him and have it for myself so that's not too bad, although he did spoil my fun of trying to throw toys out the windows by going along and shutting them all before I could get to them! Hmmphh just he wait until I'm bigger and taller than him!! Although if I go on the difference in height between Daddy and Uncle Martyn that might not happen. I'll find some way though!

This morinng I got to see Nanny Mary and Auntie Frankie. That was cool! Nanny likes to make silly faces and boo jump out at me. Auntie Frankie is cool as she likes Teleltubbies... whoops maybe I shouldn't say that maybe it's only cool to admit to a toddler you like teletubbies and not everyone else...

Apparently this afternoon Auntie Eleanor is coming round. I haven't seen her since... well in a very very very long time, she's been away at uni. Mummy and Daddy keep saying she should be doing a degree in partying!! They seem to think that's funny and tell her too. Adults, their humour in hard to understand, it's not like they throw a toy at something funny.

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