Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

Well yesterday was Fathers Day. I think Daddy liked the presents I got him, which were a Dad Poem mug, Incredible Hulk sticker pads and colouring book and a placque thingy which Mummy and me have still to paint.

We went out to get him the food for Mummy to cook him a roast dinner... his favourite meal, well the roast potatoes part! We were going to go to the pub again but the silly pub we went to this time didn't allow children... grumpy old man!! So instead we went home.

Hehe I managed to sneak in another day nap so that I could stay up late again with Mummy and Daddy. It was way to sticky and hot to sleep so Daddy suggested that we watch the LiveAid dvd that was a christmas present. Lots of cool music for me to run around and dance to! Dancing is so much fun, especially the headbanging part. Eventually though I had to go to sleep but I made sure Mummy read me some more of The Jungle Book. Sometimes I wonder who enjoys the story more?!

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