Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's Like Drivin Miss Daisy but instead It's called Driving Mummy Mad.

Yesterday I drove mummy mad!

She stopped talking to her internet friends to play some indoor football with me but I didn't want to share the ball! It was much more fun to see mummy trying to coax me into sharing it!! Hehehe! So then she decided that if I didn't want to have fun with her that she'd go and do that boring stuff that her and Daddy call housework. Pah that's no fun! Well I decided to torment her more by throwing all my toys out into the kitchen and seeing if I could further my best throw by getting it out the back door! Didn't manage it but it was great fun to watch her going back and forth collecting everything.

I think Mummy was quite relieved when Daddy got home from work!! As I'd played her up so much during the day I thought I'd be nice to mummy and go to bed early... anyway I was tired myself from all that playing around.

Today apparently we're going to go see Great Nanny. It was her birthday last week so we're taking round her presents today. I love going to Great Nanny's as she always gets me chocolate buttons and spoils me. Also I get to play in her garden which is really tiny but pretty with all the flowers. Last time me and Mummy went round there me and Great Nanny had cushion fights while Mummy was boring and washed up the dishes! Yay for Great Nanny!

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