Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A visit to Great Nanny

Had so much fun at Great Nannies yesterday! But boy was it a hot day. When we got there Nanny gave us some ice-cream to cool us down but I didn't want that, the garden looked much more fun to be out in! Even though Great Nanny is old she still likes to play and have fun which is really cool. Eventually after eating lunch I was allowed to play in the garden. There were lots of pretty flowers there and big bushes that mummy hid behind and jumped out at me from behind. Unfortunately we had to go home as Mummy said it was getting too hot to be outside and poor old Nanny was looking a bit tired. But before we left nanny made sure to give me money for my piggy bank and a big big big huge bar of chocolate!! Yummy Nanny rules!!

Also yesterday I got to briefly see Favourite Auntie Katie, she popped round with ice-lollies for her and mummy, but I was asleep when they had them. Auntie Katie rocks as she likes to play funny silly games and makes funny faces too!

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