Thursday, May 10, 2007

Proud Mummy Moment

The last few days Daz and I have been discussing our concerns over whether Callum was learning some things at playschool that we were told he would do when we first enrolled him there. They were only meant to be basic things like writing your name and recognising certain basics words but this last week (basically since we had an open evening at Callum's school to be) we've wondered and obviously worried that other children who have attended playschools that seem more intent on the learning aspect rather than the play aspect will be further advanced in their education than Callum who's playschool is all (and I agree with this) about play.

So you can imagine my surprise and proud joy when I was told by Callum's "teacher" Audrey that she had something to show me that Callum did on Tuesday and when she showed me it was Callum's name written ever so smartly that he had done himself. I wanted to take it home and frame it but alas it has to stay at playschool and go in his folder. Still I walked out of there feeling very proud of my special little monkey monster. And there he was yesterday telling me he didn't know how to write his name. LOL.

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