Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peter Callum Pan

Kids are such wonderful funny creatures. A few months ago Callum saw Peter Pan for the first time. He spent the next couple weeks going round singing Never Smile At A Crocodile and calling Daz Tinkerbell and me Captain Hook, well untill Daz put him in his place and I (quite rightly) became Tinkerbell. Then leading up to Christmas he became enamoured by Dr Who, mostly down to the fact that his cousin Alex is mad about Dr Who. One day we were in Woolworths and Callum saw a black Dalek costume and asked for it. I suggested he wait a little while until after Christmas and we'd see if it would be in the sale because jeez louise those things are costly! Much to Callum's delight a couple weeks into the New Year and we found one, this time a brown/gold one, in the slaes for £8! Bargain! It seemed that Callum's phase of the builder, policeman, fireman costume had gone to the next level... and the more expensive level. But hey he had fun showing the Dalek to his cousin Alex who has a Cyberman costume and they caused havoc together.

Now we come to Friday just gone. It was the last day of half term and we decided to go and visit Daz at work, from the new house it's a ten minute bus ride and there are plenty of shops in Ilford. Callum was over the moon to be going to see Daddy at work and added bonus that Grandad "Grumps" Steve worked there too. After a while of Callum terrorizing, hell who am I kidding, wooing over more like, the girls at the office I took Callum off to look in Woolworths at the toys. At the top of the escalators, before we get to the cars there are the dress up costumes. Callum asks is we can look and asks for a Power Rangers costume, but he's on a Power Rangers ban at the moment so I said no. Then the two of us at the same time spied the Peter Pan costume. It was a must!!!

Now here is the funny thing about Callum, unless it's a toy car he won't have any interest in the item once it's bought until a day or two later, he isn't one of those that always wants to rush home and put the dress up outfit on. It's like he has to spend a day at least thinking up a cool story/game to go along with the new outfit. So it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that he donned the Peter Pan outfit, except he wasn't Peter Pan he was Peter Callum Pan. And what does every hero need? Yep that's right an arch nemesis which turned out to be Mummy Hook with her gentleman's umbrella (one of those that has the curly hook end). While Daz was out getting beer supplies the battle of all battles was had. Peter Callum vs Mummy Hook (who occasionally became Mummy Wendy so as to refix the costume to Peter Callum). That Peter Callum showed that he was no coward custardly yellow hero but a fighting spirit one. We battled and chased all over the house and until that Daz came home and became Tinker Daddy I was holding my own.

Needless to say lots of exhausting fun was had and I even managed to get Peter Callum Pan to pose for some photos.

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