Monday, January 15, 2007

That's Fuunneeeyyy

All children are funny with their little sayings, or how they perceive things or just something they say. This weekend Callum has been in extra funny mood and had Daz and I in stitches with laughter.

This weekend Daz and I started a new weekend routine with Callum. We'd talked and decided that rather than we run ourselves ragged all week and weekend that we needed some ground rules for the weekend and a set plan for both of us to have a rest. What we decided on was that on a Saturday Daz would have the morning to have a lie in, or whatever he wanted and that that morning would be Callum and Mummy morning for us to do what ever we wanted. And on Sunday it would be the other way round with me lying in and Daddy and Callum having their morning or whatever they wanted to do. I must say it worked fantastically and we had one of the best weekends in a long time with no tired tantrums from Mummy and Daddy or from Callum. :D

Originally Callum and I were going to go out, grab a drink at Costas and then go and buy scrummy food and make Daz breakfast in bed, but Callum put an end to that. Instead we spent the morning lounging in our Pyjamas, playing Cars and seeing how many cars we could get to go all the way down the ramp on his garage. Then I had the great idea of trying out the exercise ball I'd bought during the week. Callum loved it and the two of us played on that for a half hour or more, doing forward rolls, sitting on it and bouncing and all forms of fun stuff, whizzing across the front room floor on it. Daz said the laughter from Callum and I woke him up and said it was such a great way to be woken up.

Daz then decided we needed to have a treat for lunch so suggested Callum's favourite... McDonald's. Callum laid out the plans for the rest of the day. "We go McDonald's in Brewery, then toy shop, Entertainer in Brewery and then Sainsburys and buy all the food up, with a book and a car for me." Sounded a good plan.

When the three of us got to Sainsburys to do the shopping Callum took up his usual pose... standing up in the trolley pointing the way and telling me to go either left, right, forward or backward and most important of all... STOP! Some nice old man started giving Callum directions but he was all "No, that way, not his way." Callum directions were "Forward Mummy. Left now STOP!" I want that." What did he want? The huge pink (I'm still to fathom out Callum's love for pink) smarties tube. He was practically falling out of the trolley to get them, somehow we managed to avoid (1) a tantrum and (2) not getting the smarties. The next aisle was the crisps aisle where Callum in his typical manner used what is a common phrase of his "But it's my favourite..." to persuade us to buy him multi-packs of crisps. You may be wondering by this point where Daz is, well he was running round other aisles grabbing things that we actually DID need. LOL! Callum and I were nearing the end of the crisps aisle when suddenly Daz appears round the corner in his cowboy stance mode going "Draw pardner." and cocking his fingers in a guns actions. Normally Callum will reply by doing Iron Man laser noises but this time he goes "But Daddy I can't I don't have any paper and pens to draw.". He had this look of utter confusion on his face. I love that little monkey monster of ours and he has such a wicked sense of humour and comes out with the most funny of things.

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