Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let It snow Let It Snow Let It Snow.

Yes!!! At long last it decided to snow. I've ben wanting this for so long as Callum has never properly seen real snow before, the last time we had snow that settled enough to play with was when Callum was only 5 months old and so a little too young to appreciate it.

I woke up about 7 o'clock this morning and there was this winter wonderland delight before my eyes and a big smile on my face appeared. Already I had plans for for what to do. I should have known that when I said to Callum to come look out the window and see the snow and he didn't want to that those plans wouldn't see fruition. OH well such is life with the little monkey monster, we had to go out in the snow anyway for the walk to playschool. At least it looked pretty.

I thought maybe the walk to playschool might change his mind but no that didn't, he just kept telling me he didn't like it and it was scary even after I explained that snow was just another type of rain. Nothing could change his mind and make him see the fun in snow. Is this little boy really my son I thought, snow is awesome!!! How can you not want to touch it and throw it? Strange boy. All the other children at the playschool were loving the thought of snowballs.

Upon picking Callum up from playschool somebody had down a 360 degree turn about snow. Audrey who runs the group had during the morning taken the children out in groups of two to shuffle up snow and bring it indoors for them to play with in big bowls until it melted and (surprise surprise yes Mummy is right) it turned into water! So I now had a little monkey monster wanting to play with snow... just as most of it had melted. *laugh* We managed to find a few garden walls with snow remains on them and had mini snowball fights on our way home. Now somebody keeps glimpsing outside asking when more snow is going to come, guess which one of us it is. :D


Anonymous said...

I was so gonna chuck a snowball at you both this morning as I went to work!

littlemonstercallum said...

That would have been cool. :D