Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dance Dance Dance

Recently I've been looking into dancing lessons for Callum. He's full of energy and loves to dance along to music and follow the dance steps on

Cbeebeis Boogie Beebies.

I found a dance studio that is about a five minute walk from our home and costs £12 a month. Bargain! I asked for the welcome pack and registration form to be sent out so I could read up on it.

When the brochure turns up it has a whole section on dress attire, guess what it said?

Yep... pink tutus!! It did bring a smile to my face. When I get my voice back from this cold I've had I'll phone them up and see what they say for boys but still it was tempting to send Callum to disco dancing for toddlers in a pink tutu. LOL.

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