Thursday, March 01, 2007

Four Fat Sausages

Last night Callum refused to eat his dinner, he wouldn't even try it so Daz and I were strict and said we wouldn't cook another meal for him. If he'd just tasted a little bit we would have been willing to but every so often Callum likes to do this and as we explained to him what was stop him refusing to eat a new dinner we'd cook for him. Through the tears and tantrums he informed us that for dinner the next night he wanted eggs, sausages and pasta.

This morning as you can imagine we had a very hungry little monkey monster and after telling me that he wanted toast and grapes for breakfast he reminded me of what he was having for dinner tonight... Eggs, Snake Pasta (which is way of calling spaghetti) and sausages, in particular Four Fat Sausages. He then went on to sing the song Four Fat Sausages Sizzling in the pan. I was then told that Daddy would be having sausages for his dinner tonight too, but Daz only gets three Fat Sausages. Callum was a bit confused when I bought eight Fat Sausages at the butchers this afternoon telling me he was only eating four of them and that I'd bought too many but at the same time telling me I had to buy three for Daddy. I don't know what goes through his mind at times.

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