Saturday, March 03, 2007

Is it All Black and White?

Callum loves grapes! He has them for breakfast lunch and sometimes even dinner, of course they are with other foods but grapes are a constant picture on his plate. As you can imagine we therefore get through a huge amount of them and practically every other day are buying more. On Thursday Callum and I needed to go and do some food shopping, a trip to the butchers for his Four Fat Sausages and to Sainsburys for some other foods including grapes.

Lately Callum has been wanting the black and white mixed packs so upon entering the supermarket we head over to the fruit section to obtain the grapes.

I turn to Callum and say "Can you see the black and white grapes?"

and his reply... "No but I can see the green and purple ones Mummy."

And do you know what he's right they are purple and green aren't they? So why do we call them black and white? At the time he didn't ask me this question but I know with how Callum is and asking questions that he'll soon be asking me, so what do I tell him? I see some time spent googling to find this answer.

So much for things being seen in black and white it now seems like it's green and purple.

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