Monday, March 05, 2007

Choo Choo Train

One of the joys of Callum being at playschool now is getting to see all the cool things he makes. Today they had lots of empty boxes and things and glued them all together. Callum proudly informed me that his was a train. He's spent time on and off this afternoon pushing it around the floor, running around with it on his head and going choo choo. It's so adorable and has been fun for him to play with. I'll have to get a photo tomorrow of the 'train' and Callum playing with it.

Last week they made paper daffodils for St David's Day and that has been planted in one of our indoor plant pots and every day to and from playschool he points out all the daffodils we walk past and says "That's like my daffodil at home Mummy."

We've always done art stuff at home but it's nice to have the surprise of something different.

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