Thursday, March 08, 2007

I have and Idea!

This has become Callum's latest saying. Sometimes it's used when he is being disciplined for something naughty he did and he'll pipe up with "I have and idea, stop talking to me and I won't be naughty." Cheeky little monkey monster! Other times it's used to make a suggestion.

This morning Callum rather than telling me he had an idea, enacted out his idea first (with Mummy and Daddy not in site I hasten to add) and then reports to me afterwards:

"Mummy I had an an idea, it was a really good one. I got my book down with the football."

Said book had been on top of his wardrobe (it was his Fire Engine one) amid other books, toys and games. Expecting his bedroom to be a disaster zone when I went in there I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though he had used his football to get the book down he had had fantastic aim and not even knocked anything out of place let alone off the top of the wardrobe. Way to go!!!

Of course the little monkey monster is now back to telling us his great idea of leaving him alone, he needs to eat now or telling us we can tiday up his toys while he watches cbeebies. Got to love that boy of ours.

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