Thursday, March 29, 2007

To Draw or Not to Draw That is the Question

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day so Callum and I sat out back on the fire-escape and did some drawing. A couple months ago I'd bought Callum some of Crayola's Colour Wonder pens and paper. They were a bit expensive (a pad of 30 pages of paper costs £2.99 from Woolworths) but they are so great I don't mind paying the money. There is no need to worry about the walls or clothing being drawn on as these pens only interact and mark the special crayola paper. Awesome.

Lately Callum has been drawing what he likes to call vehicles, Cars, Buses, Taxis, Lorry with trailer and so on. When he first started drawing them a couple months ago at first I couldn't see what the picture was actually meant to be so I sat down with him and watched how he drew the vehicle and asked him to talk me through it, now I can clearly see what is meant to be what and can even at times distinguish between the different types of vehicles. It's fascinating to watch and see how children's little minds work and how they see things in life so differently from us. I love it.

So here are a couple of the pictures that Callum did yesterday with an explanation by me of what one of them is meant to be.


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