Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Superman Is A Girl

... well according to my son he is.

Upon turning on the laptop this morning I was told off by Callum for our desktop picture being changed, it's now this photo of him instead of this photo.

I commented on how the new one was cool and he looked like he was being Superman flying down the slide tunnel at the park. The following conversation then took part:

Callum: I'm Spiderman not Superman!
Me: But Superman flies and that's what you look like you're doing.
Callum: I'm swinging like Spiderman does and then I crawl up the wall like him.
Me: Why do you want to be Spiderman and not Superman?
Callum: Superman is a girly girl and Spiderman is a boy. That's why Mummy.

I then hear a burst of laughter from the bedroom where hubby has just heard what Callum said. The little monkey monster won't elaborate on why Superman is a girly girl but maybe this explains why he tore up the Superman costume cloak thingy he had the other week. Oh well maybe I should be thankful that he hasn't chosen to try and be Wolverine and is taping knives to his hands.

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