Friday, June 01, 2007


Seeing that England are playing Brazil tonight in the first national game at the new Wembley Stadium I thought it only fitting that Callum and I go and play some football of our own at the highly appraised, perfect pitch of... Kingsmead Stadium.

Kick off was 3pm and it was off to a good start with star Striker Callum scoring one goal after another. It was pretty hard for me to defend my goal as it kept getting moved whenever Callum kicked the ball so hence there not being a record of the score... I lost count.

The game only last a little while and was mostly interrupted by me talking to one of the neighbours but still fun was had. The neighbour (Pat, well she's actually one of the Mum's of one of the neighbours) was amazed at Callum's skill with the ball and reckons we should get him playing somewhere soon, I'm biased obviously but I do have to agree. Daz and I have always said how good Callum is with a football, he seems to have a natural talent for it and whenever we've played he understands the concept of the game really well.

So we'll have to wait and see if we have the next David Beckham on our hands.

Here are a few snap shots taken today.

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