Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigra?

Yesterday at playschool they had a professional photographer in to take photos of all the kids. Callum can be a bit hit and miss with the camera and until a few weeks ago when he saw a camera it was "camera, aaarrrrrggghhh, hide!". However since then he's shown an interest in wanting to take photos himself of other things and have his photo taken but of him in silly (but adoring) poses. As you can imagine I was wondering (and to some degree still am) what sort of photos I'll be presented with to buy.

The night before the two of us practiced smiling properly and trying to not scrunch our faces up and have big wide eyes. Then in the morning as I dropped him off at playschool I reminded him about nice smiles so that Daddy wouldn't have an excuse to tell me I couldn't buy any photos (hehehe, I know I'm a sneaky one aren't I?).

It seems all our practicing may have paid off. When collecting Callum I was told by Audrey his head (and favourite) teacher how Callum went straight into the photo area and did all the poses (lying on his belly on the floor, cuddling the teddy bear, standing up etc) and that he looked adorable. Then that afternoon while round his friend James' house, James' Mummy who had spent the morning at playschool told me how great Callum had been with the photos and again this morning I've been told by another one of the teachers at playschool how awesome he was. Maybe everyone was just surprised that the little monkey monster was calm and still enough to have photos taken and not his normal manic running riot self, perhaps trying to cut down/out all the sweets, chocolates etc is working. Also it seems like we have a little wanna model on our hands here!

Now here's hoping that I can buy a few of them as those things don't come cheap.

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