Friday, June 15, 2007

The Funny Things The Children Say

Children always have that innocence about them and I love how the simplest of things can have a different meaning to a child. So here are some examples from Callum lately.

As with most children Callum is (again) going through the "I'd rather play than eat food stage". Each time I ask him what he'd like for lunch or dinner or if he's hungry his response (well apart from "A surprise Mummy.") is "I'm a Playboy not an eating boy!" to him it's something simple he's saying but to me I obviously see both ways of that word and it gives me a little chuckle, especially seeing that he apparently has a little harem at playschool. I just wonder if he'll his occupation in later years will be International Playboy.

The next thing is probably explained better by repeating the conversation I had with Callum with a bit of background to it. The other stage that Callum is going through is the "ignore Mummy or whomever is calling you stage". Yesterday he was a big a star student in this so I sat him down to have a talk about it and to try and explain it's rude to ignore people.

Mummy: Callum if someone calls you what do you say?
Callum: I don't know.
Mummy: You reply to them saying "yes.", "ok" or "What do you want?"
Callum: But I don't want anything.
Mummy: No that's what you ask whoever is calling you. Shall we practice?
Callum: OK.
Mummy: Callum.

I look at Callum for a response:

Callum: Yes...

I nod encouragement waiting for the next bit, but nothing comes.

Mummy: What else do you say?


Mummy: What do you want?
Callum: But I don't want anything Mummy.
Mummy: No that's what you say to me, "What do you want?"
Callum: I told you, I don't want anything.

He then turns round and says

Callum: What do you want Mummy?

And you can guess my response. LOL ! I probably could have gone on all day with this conversation but in the end I decided to leave it as it was, he kind of understood he had to acknowledge me calling him.

There will no doubt be lots more of these moments to report. The latest interest Callum seems to have is why are girls girls and boys boys. Oh the joys of parenthood!


Azzitizz said...

Ha, ha, ha, don't you just love em!

littlemonstercallum said...

Hiya azzitizz.

Yep sure do! There is nothing better than child logic!