Wednesday, July 25, 2007

All Aboard the Duck Train

I just thought I'd share we you all something Callum did yesterday afternoon. He told me while describing it that the sun is sad because it's raining and that the gate is to stop anyone going onto the train track (the pencils laid out) so that they don't get run over by the duck train. The stars are part of a car, which is broken. I just love hearing how children interpret a picture and explain it to you.

Here's the picture.


Love For Child said...

First of all, thank you so much for your comments. They were really sweet.

Awww, the picture is adorable. Callum paid so much attention to details. I can't wait when my little boy will start drawing and explaining to me what is what.:) Well, he needs to get out first of all. LOL!!!

littlemonstercallum said...


I only speaketh the truth.

Thank you, it's amazing the thought that children put into things but also what they come up with and how they see things in the world. And start your little one off as soon as you can, we did from an early age with Callum and he's always loved the art stuff.

Thank you for popping by, I must get better at replying to comments and visiting other blogs but time is just rushing past so quickly at the moment and with the school holiddays here I'm very busy entertaining a little monkey.

Hope you're well.

Take Care.