Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Birthday My Special Little Four Year Old Boy

It's Saturday the day before your Fourth Birthday and I'm sitting here while you and Daddy have gone out shopping for your birthday cake and I'm thinking back to four years ago when a very special thing happened in Daddy and mines life. I just wanted to let you know my darling how special and important to Mummy and Daddy you are. Sure you've bought us a lot of heartache and tears and annoyance but more importantly you have bought us the biggest joy in the whole wide world and we love you so very much. I don't think any other little boy could give the bestest of cuddles to match yours or the cheekiest of smiles to beat yours. You have this beautiful passion for life and fun which I hope you keep all your life and everyone you meet is drawn into your love for life and falls in love with you. It's been wonderful to see you grow up over these four years and see you go from this tiny little baby to this fun, loving, clever imaginative boy who has such a huge passion for cars and wants to be either a mechanic or policeman when he grows up, although you've told us you won't be a policeman that wears a hat as you don't like wearing hats all the time. This next year is going to have so much happening in it with you going to Big Boys School and us maybe moving home and I'm looking forward to taking this next step in life with you.

I wonder what cake you're trying to persuade Daddy to buy you. *laugh* You've been telling us all week that you would like a Dr Who one but I wonder if you see the Lightning McQueen one or if they have a Transformers one if you'll change your mind.

So will you remember this day when you're older I wonder. I suppose in case you don't I should comment on the big day. Last night Nanny Mary, Grandad Steve, Aunties Katie, Els and Frankie came round to give you your presents which once you got over your shyness (which I never understand!) you delved into with your typical lust for things. You had a good time and wanted to play with everything all at once. Then after they all went Daddy bathed you and I read you two stories (Dig Dig Digging and Choo-Choo Clickety Clack) and then you went off to sleep cuddling the Optimus Prime that Nanny Mary and Grandad Steve had got you. It was so adorable to see you asleep all cuddled up with it and I couldn't resist taking a photo of that precious moment.

This morning Daddy and I allowed you, in our family tradition of birthdays, to have a present early. It was a double Transformers set of (hang on I have to go and double check the names) Ultra Magnus and Skywarp. Transformers are you current thing at the moment, you've been watching the cartoons and playing with the Transformers you already have and any you didn't you named your normal cars after them. It's been fascinating to watch you do this and funny to hear your little stories. You have such a brilliant imagination. Daddy showed you how they both transformed (they aren't meant for a five year old child but we know you'll be clever enough to work out how they transform properly) and you both had fun flying and driving them around the flat and making "doooo" noises, I assume that is how the word is spelt. Tonight Daddy is going to show me how to transform them so that I can help you during the week when you have trouble. Should be fun and I promise to not break them.

This afternoon we have arranged if it doesn't rain to meet up over Hylands Park (you call it the park near playschool) with some of your friends to have fun and eat fairy cakes, hopefully also to sing Happy Birthday to you and maybe play some football. I'm really hoping the weather stays nice as we don't want you to be disappointed in not being able to go. The last few years when we've tried to do something on your birthday something has happened to allow it not to happen. Fingers crossed this year is different.

Well I've just spoken to Daddy who tells me you've picked out a Darlek Dr Who cake and he is just about to buy fairy cakes and be on his way home so I should go and iron your t-shirt you've picked out to where today.


Daszzle said...

I wasn't sure if you got a chance to see the comment I left for you at my blog-but I wanted to tell you just how amazingly sweet I think your blog is. Your son is very lucky to have some an amazing mom.

littlemonstercallum said...


Thank you for popping by. I haven't had a chance yet to check back on your site (school summer holidays have just started!! Arrrgghhh!!! LOL!!)

Thank you for such lovely comments, I hope Callum sees it that way too and isn't embarrassed too much about me posting all about him, but oh well I've got plenty of ammo for his future girlfriends! *laugh* Oh and I am blushing at you extremely lovely comment.

I will definately try to pop back to your site this week, it was a fun place.

Take Care.


Love For Child said...

Awwww, he looks so sweet sleeping with his present. Happy Belated Birthday Callum!!!!:)

littlemonstercallum said...


It's one of the best things watching your child sleep. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes.

Take Care.

Sarah. xxx