Friday, July 06, 2007

Favourite colour is Blue

So today Callum and I made some Thomas the Tank Engine fairy cakes. It was one of those little packs with all the stuff made up you just add and egg and water, nice and simple. Callum was very helpful in mixing it all togther and I put the mixture into the cake cases and put them in to cook.

After that came the icing. Now Callum's favourite colour for those that don't know is Blue and what with these being Thomas Tank cakes I thought it would be cool to have blue icing on the cakes. I didn't think I'd end up with a blue son too! I'd careful put the lid back on the bottle and put it to the back of the sideboard (hidden I thought) while I mixed up the icing and started putting it on the cakes. Callum comes strolling in and first thing he spies is the bottle of blue food dye. So being Callum he has to ignore the loud shout from me of "No!!!!!!!" and open up the bottle and take a gulp. As you know that stuff tastes vile neat and that's what Callum thought. There was blue dye all dripping out his mouth so he did what was only natural and wipe it... all across his face and hands! The little monkey monster!! LOL!! After the horrible taste had dissipated he did find it funny. Then we had the mad rush to the bathroom where I found that it wouldn't wash off his face but thankfully toothpaste cleaned up this teeth. So then I had the panic but laughing phonecall to my Mum asking what to do. Plenty of ideas were given. I then remembered that in the cupboard I had a tub of Bicarbonate of Soda so I've stood Callum at the kitchen sinks and scrubbed him clean. Now I just have to make sure he doesn't go looking for the green dye to make himself look like The Incredible Hulk.


Azzitizz said...

My little darling would have spat it out all over the carpet, sofa, chairs, dog!

littlemonstercallum said...

Hello Azzitizz.

Thank you for popping by.

Oh my I can't imagine the mess that would have made! But blue dogs could be fun. LOL. Just remember Bicarbonate of Soda, it works wonders.

Hope to see your face here again.

Take Care.

Sarah. xxx