Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Robots in Disguise

Yep Transformers has hit the White House.

True to Callum form the release of the new Transformers movie has him with a new love although one that still encompasses his one true love of cars! The last few weeks Callum has been asking about us taking him to see the movie at the cinema but luckily Daz had some episodes on DVD which Callum has been lapping up, so we may not have a disappointed little boy when we don't take him. Also (as Daz and I... well mostly Daz, are such geeks) we have some Transformers comics. Most mornings Callum will come into our bedroom and bombard Daz with questions about the Transformers, such as "What is the yellow one called Daddy?" (by the way it's Bumblebee and Callum knows this full well, he just likes to ask Daz.) "What's the digger called Daddy?" (I have no idea the answer to this!) and so on and points them out in the comic he has chosen to bring in.

With all this and the cost of the actual toy Transformers costing so much that we haven't bought him any Callum has resorted to the next best thing. We have this huge toy bucket that is full to overflowing with Callum's small toy cars/vehicles. The last few days Callum has been going through this bucket and finding the vehicles that match up with the Transformers, mostly the Autobots, I've yet to hear him name any Decpeticons, and give them the right name. The red lorry he has is Optimus Prime, the green jeep he has is Hound and the yellow beetle car is Bumblebee. He then lines them all up in a row and makes the Transforming noises and pretends that they have transformed. It's so cute and adorable and each one has it's own different voice. Also along with the transforming noises Callum also sings part of the Transformers song. He makes up his own little battle scenes with them and "the other cars" and little stories. I shouldn't be surprised but I'm amazed at how much he has taken the Transformers to his little heart.

Hopefully he won't have outgrown them in a couple weeks as I've asked someone to get him the Transformers Dress Up costume for his birthday. Now that's going to bring on a whole new level of fun and stories.

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