Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Argos - The Shop That sells everything

Yesterday Callum started at a new school. Sadly we haven't been able to get into a school within walking distance to our new home but we have managed to get into one that is nearer and an easier journey than what we were doing. The best thing about this new school journey though is that we now have an added companion in the form of Daz or in Callum's case "DADDY!!". It's been great!

This morning upon opening the front door we were greeted by the typical weather England is famous for, yep that's correct, RAIN!! Callum and I grabbed our umbrellas and Daz "I'm a Man I don't need no umbrella!" got wet. We took the short walk up the road to wait for our hail and ride bus. While waiting Daz and Callum mucked around and took turns to have the umbrella (yes the"I'm a Man I don't need no umbrella!" talk didn't last long) and pretend they were a Buzzy Bee (that's what Callum's umbrella is). On Daz turn Callum turned round and said "I'm going to zap you with my gun." and Daz replied "Where did that come from?" Callum's reply? "Argos!"

It is funny the things kids say.

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cat said...

i'm back! and amazed at how much callum has GROWN. my word. it's so nice to read your lovely writing once again. :o) all the best!