Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cloud Spotting

Yesterday while Callum and I were on our way to the supermarket we stopped off at the park for a bit. One of Callum's favourite things there is the swings, he loves for me to push him as high as he can go and see if his feet can touch the sky, he's also now becoming fairly good at swinging himself using his feet. We were lucky that yesterday morning was a lovely spring morning, a little fresh but beautiful sunshine and those big white fluffy clouds. So what better thing to do while sitting on the swing looking at touching the sky than to do a bit of cloud spotting. I'm sure everyone knows what this is but in case you don't it's where you look for a picture/object etc of something in the cloud. I love this and it seems so does that son on mine (yes another way that I can't deny he's my son. ;) ) What I love most about this though is that it shows the imagination that someone has and imagination is something Callum has an abundance of. I was once told by a group of Health Visitors just before Callum's third birthday that he had amazing imagination and imagination way ahead for his age and that if he kept it up he would be someone who would set the world on fire. I hope they didn't mean that literally though. LOL.

The great thing about yesterday though was that I could clearly see what Callum was saying when he said the objects he did. There was a Father over there with his two children, one of them being on the opposite swing to Callum, who was listening to Callum's descriptions and (I'm never one to boast so I don't mean it if that comes across here like that) you could tell he was clearly impressed by what he heard, looked for himself and then saw. Sadly I didn't have time to take any photos of the cloud shapes that Callum pointed out, I was too busy having to push him on the swing to do so, but I do remember what he saw.

Firstly there was a car (no surprise there), it wasn't how you or I would draw a car but how Callum would draw one of his sports cars.

Then came a Lion, lying down a bit like this picture but with it's tail up in the air. Next was a horse, rearing with it turned to look at you a little this this picture , that horse then changed into a Dragon. There were other shapes Callum saw like a Rocket and a Penguin but I myself couldn't make those out although I didn't dampen his enthusiasm just said I wasn't as good at spotting things as him maybe.

All in all it was a lovely 30 minutes spent which made up for the monkey monster he was in the Supermarket.

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