Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Own Modern Day Robin Hood

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen 
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men

Feared by the bad, loved by the good

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood

Children have amazing imagination and with Callum we are constantly seeing this imagination put into action. This morning when I went into Callum's bedroom he was sitting in bed with his drawing pad, pens and pencils strewn around him drawing in his book. He then proceeded to tell me what he was drawing about. He was telling me about his new imaginary friend, well this time it's a pet dog, his name is Mocky, he's a mucky puppy who is green and blue, has black human ears and a red tail and he is helping Callum and his other best imaginary friend Touson (I'm having to guess at the spelling as Callum won't tell me the correct spelling) and a bunch of even more imaginary friends on a bank job. Yes you read that right. Apparently they have been having meetings about how to rob cash machines. They can't rob these until they are eighteen years old but they want to make sure they have it all perfect for that day. When I asked Callum why they wanted to rob the cash machines his answer was plain and simple but showed me just how good a heart that he has. The reason? Well he has heard on the news about how there isn't much money around at the moment and he worried that people wouldn't be able to afford food and Christmas presents. His solution is that the banks have all the money and that's not fair and that they need to share that money with all of the people in the whole world. So that is his mission. So far the plan involves pumping lots of electricity into all the cash machines but he said they aren't sure if this will work and so are coming up with other ideas too. Kids! LOL


Melissa said...

Oh my! He's got quite a plan! :)

littlemonstercallum said...

Hiya Melissa.

Tell me about it, I should be used to his plans by now but he still amazes me.

Thank you for the visit.

Take Care.