Tuesday, December 02, 2008


No this isn't the next stage of my insanity but instead a challenge I am taking up. Somewhere on the wonderful internet today I came across NaBloPoMo and the strange amalgamation of letters caught my interest so I found the official site and read about it. It sounded fun and maybe a way to lessen my boredom. So here goes. It seems as though for the month of December the topic is Thanks and I think that's a pretty good topic to discuss and talk about.

These last few days have made me realise even more than ever how thankful I am in having such wonderful, loving, kind, handsome, funny men/boys in my life. Yes I'm talking about my extremely handsome husband Daz and my dazzlingly beautiful boy Callum, or otherwise known as My Boys. These last few days I have been bed bound with a poorly leg (goodness knows what I've done but painful isn't as strong a word to use) and they have been a godsend. Daz has run around doing all mannes of chores, getting Callum to and from school, making me little food parcels, helping me to the bathroom and back and so on and so on. He even this morning before setting off on the school run for Callum before then making his journey into work brought me up a plethora of material to keep me occupied all day and not starving hungry or gasping for a drink, he even remembered my favourite dvd boxset (the Good Life). I've always known how lucky I was to meet Daz and marry him but I'm even more thankful today for that. As for Callum he has been his usual mischievious self. This morning after he was dressed ready for school he came into the bedroom, crept into bed with me and then brought out his Top Gear Cool Wall book and stickers, "This will help you feel better Mummy, which cars do you want as yours?" We spent the next 15 minutes discussing why the cars should go on the cool wall or the uncool wall. Top Gear I salute you (once again!) in your wiseness in bein able to keep a five year old and a thirty-five year old entertained, I am indeed thankful to you for that!

This entry is probably a bit random and bizarre, I'm tired and can't think too well but hopefully over the next few days I will be able to be more cohesive... and be able to type and spell better.

For now I'll leave you with my little thank you photo, My Boys! I love you with all my heart and more.

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