Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank You For the Music (NaBloPoMo)

Music plays a big part in most peoples lives and it certainly does in ours. From when I was pregnant with Callum to today he has loved music and mostly it seems rock. Today while cooped up in bed (again!) I decided to look through the various online photo/video sites I have and came across some gems (well in my opinion) of Callum dancing.

First up we have Callum singing and dancing along to The Barenaked Ladies' rendition of Jingle Bells, this was in December 2006 so Callum would have been 3 and a half years old nearly. Even through the crappy recording no matter how many times I watch this it still makes me laugh and smile, it is so typical of Callum and his love of life and the energy he has an abundance of.

Now fast forward to November 2007 and we once again have Callum singing and "dancing" to Jingle Bells but this time on his musical keyboard. I never realised before the coincidence of these, nearly one year apart and in a way the same song. I'm now thinking I will have to do a yearly capture of Callum singing and dancing to Jingle Bells and I look forward to seeing how in a year he changes and grows up so much. It's sad to see but also wonderful, he is maturing and learning at such a fast rate that it is wonderful to have these moments on video to look back on. For that I am thankful.

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Ron Eklof said...

Hi Sarah, Appreciated your comment on my blog. Glad to visit your monster's blog. Visited your Jewelery blog and was about to wish you good fortune with it when I realized the December post was 3 years ago. Oh, well, I'll wish you good fortune anyway. Ron